Cookies Policy

I cookies are text file automatically saved on the user’s computer during the browsing. Their aim is to make the experience of web site fruition more complete since they work like instruments to memorize user’s preferences.
On this site proprietary and third-party cookies are used as following, their presence is subordinate to the features provided for the web site in the design phase:

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of certain areas of the Website. For this reason, technical cookies are always used on the Site regardless of user preferences. In particular, the Site uses: PHPSESSID (duration of browsing session); it contains information on the browser session and allows users to access the site.

Reserved area Cookies
Whether a reserved area is present, a cookie able to remember user’s username and password is generated.
In this way you do not need to enter the same information at each following visit;

Mobile browsing Cookies
In oder to make the browsing experiential on last generation devices too, this web site is equipped with a cookie able to recognize, and memorize, the access device in use. Based on the information collected the most proper version of the web site will be shown;

E-shop order recover Cookies
Whether an e-commerce area is present, the system will memorize the user’s interaction with the purchase area creating a cookie able to recover the orders placed.

Third-party Cookies - Google Analytics
This web site uses third-party Cookies belonging to Google Inc. For the collection of the users’ browsing data. The collected data are only used in order to create statistic reports in the analysis tool Google Analytics.

A demographic users’ profiling can also be done, extracting statistically relevant data like age range, sex, interest categories.
More information about data treatment from Google Inc. Can be found at the following address:
To disable Google Analytics for display advertising or to customize the types of advertisements displayed, you can enter the address
To completely disable the collection of the statistic data from Google Analytics you can install the add-on for browser, you can download it for free from the address

Other active third-party cookies can be: PayPal (, CloudFlare (, Facebook (, HubSpot (, Linkedin (, Twitter (, Zendesk (

To discover all the active cookies on this site you can use Cookie Detection services available on the web.

Remember that all the data collected by cookies on this site will never be released to third parties except Google Inc. Or their certified partners.